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Taste The Difference.

Slrp® water filter jug + glass water carafe


Together we are reducing plastics and bottles from our oceans.

Why Slrp® water?

High Ph Water

First room:

Descale cartridge as a pre-filter with high-quality activated carbon and ion exchanger. Filters mainly lime and also harmful substances.

Tweede Kamer:

High-quality activated carbon from natural coconut shells & ion exchanger. Removal of harmful substances, heavy metals...

Derde Kamer:

Ultra-fine filtering with high-quality activated carbon and a wage exchanger. This unique filter technology through several chambers guarantees the best filter performance of, among other things, heavy metals, pesticides, fluorine, chlorine, remnants of medication, etc. while preserving natural minerals.

Fourth Chamber:

Unique addition of high-quality ingredients such as magnesium, tourmaline, quartz sand and specific high-quality micro-organisms in combination with a magnetic (field) to restore the natural structure of the water.

Slrp ®

Quality for complete freedom & with heart and soul.

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